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无论您是在寻找隔离式还是非隔离式DC-DC变换,Power Stamp Alliance成员正在开发更多品种的高功率密度大电流48V至负载点(POL)DC-DC直接变换器('power stamps') 。CPU或处理器内核供电的直接变换带来了一系列业务和技术优势


power stamp的尺寸已被仔细地定义,使其与预期应用相匹配。具体而言,它们满足了处理器和内存附近放置的要求。主power stamp的功率部件和卫星power stamp使用相同的尺寸和封装。主power stamp将使用LGA焊盘连接。卫星power stamp将使用块状引脚连接。

Power Stamp主单元规格

定义与power stamp‘卫星’功率变换器一起使用的标准power stamp‘主’功率变换器的封装和功能。

Power Stamp主单元图

标准power stamp主功率变换器的详细技术图。

Power Stamp主单元引脚分配

power stamp主功率变换器的详细引脚配置说明和图示

Power Stamp卫星单元规格

定义与power stamp‘主’功率变换器一起使用的标准power stamp‘卫星’功率变换器的封装和功能。

Power Stamp卫星单元图

标准power stamp卫星功率变换器的详细技术图。

Power Stamp卫星单元引脚分配

power stamp卫星功率变换器的详细引脚配置说明和图示

Power Stamp Controller Unit Specification

Defines the footprint and function of the standard power stamp 'controlller' power converter that is to be used in conjunction with the power stamp 'satellite' power converter.






为了帮助您评估Power Stamp Alliance成员产品,我们开发了一款参考设计板,适用于任何PSA power stamp。请联系PSA成员以获取更多信息。

Orcad Library and Allegro Footprint Package (Macro)

This zip file contains the Orcad library to embed Power Stamps into your own schematic and the linked Allegro reference footprint for proper layout (file hosted on Google Drive)


Application Notes

To help you use Power Stamp Alliance member products, we have developed several application notes covering:

  • Contact cooled applications
  • Paralleling stamps to increase current rating
  • Guidance on the use of resonant and non-resonance stamps